PDF – CLASS SCHEDULE of the Graphic Design Studio of the Computer and Art Center 2022-2023

I x 16.oo-18.oo x
II x 18.oo-20.oo x
III x x 17.oo-19.oo
IV A (PROJECT) 16.oo-18.oo x x
IV B (PROJECT) 18.oo-20.oo x x

The leading instructor – Oktawiusz Stępień

The studio is a place where children and teenagers learn the art of graphic design and gain the ability to use software. Participants will get acquainted with and, above all, learn how to move freely in graphic programs, with which they will be able to create their own projects, both advertising, utility and artistic. They will enter the world of advertising, media, printing and applied arts.

The studio focuses on individual substantive development and cooperation in the creative team. The studio’s work style is strictly adapted to the graphic interests of the participants, who, in accordance with them, acquire the skills needed to achieve the jointly designed goal. The premise of the studio is to create a team of independent artists implementing common ideas with simultaneous individual development.

Participants of the workshop receive a specific workshop, knowledge of software and technological processes in the implementation of projects. We offer practical substantive knowledge, equipment and cooperation in creative processes.

Oktawiusz Stępień – graphic designer, working in advertising and promotion since 2005; comic letterer, culture animator, program manager at the Communal Cultural Center in Dobrzyniewo Duże, instructor at the Graphic Design Studio at the “Śródmieście” Community Center in Białystok. By passion and work: photographer, operator and editor, illustrator, potter and ceramist.

Range of topics:
image processing (composition, color, modification),
designing objects (from idea to graphics),
lettering (min. working with text),
implementation of production (sending files: www, printing),
layouts (websites, covers, newspapers).

target group aged 9-14,
classes last 2 hours once a week,
the number of participants depends on the available workstations (3-9),
each newcomer will be provided with knowledge called the Basic Package*.

*The basic package is the information we provide to new arrivals:
basic rules of using a computer,
familiarization with the work environment (software: Gimp, Inkscape; peripherals: printer, tablet, etc.)