The Music Center carries out tasks in the field of music education for children, youth and adults.

It teaches the following classes of instruments:
piano – Grażyna Langowska-Babula, Zofia Otoka, Julia Piech, Anna Cieśluk, Joanna Mytnik-Daniluk, Gabriela Szczudło
accordion – Leon Tomczuk, Robert Jurčo
violin – Anna Cieśluk
keyboard – Grażyna Langowska, Leon Tomczuk
classical guitar – Mirosław Babula, Natalia Sawicka
transverse flute – Jurčova Katarzyna
recorder – Joanna Mytnik-Daniluk
drums – Cezary Mielko
music development class – theory and history of music – Zofia Otoka,

Education for children from 6 to 9 years old lasts 6 years (children’s department), for people from 10 years old and adults – 4 years (youth department).
Classes are held 3 times a week:
2 x 30 minutes – individual lessons on the instrument
1 x 45 minutes – group lesson on musicality.