Seniors’ weekend with culture

grafika weekend seniora z kulturą 2023

“Seniors’ weekend with culture” at the “Śródmieście” Community Centre in Bialystok

As part of the “Seniors’ weekend with culture” event, we invite you to visit the exhibition “Losses” by Karol Więch on September 30 (Saturday). The day will also include a meeting with the artist titled: ‘Thermism – a new direction in art’ and an author guided tour of the exhibition, admission free.

“Seniors’ Weekend with Culture” is an action initiated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and aims to encourage seniors to actively participate in cultural life. Last year, more than 500 institutions from all over the country took part!

poster seniors' weekend with culture 2023 at the “Śródmieście” Community Center

Pioneer of a new style of painting

Karol Więch is a graduate in cultural studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice. He is a visual artist, cultural expert and employee of the Institute of Cultural Studies at the University of Bialystok. His professional interests oscillate around philosophy of culture, anthropology, mediated communication and audiovisual culture. This has a significant impact on the content of the resulting works, which have defined a new style of painting called thermism by Karol Więch.

Thermism, which is no longer just a style of painting, also turns out to be an individual system of philosophical expression. Anything can be represented by thermism, any emotion: positive and negative. Therefore, the variation and flexibility of this style is inexhaustible, the artist says.

The role of the artist and the viewer of a artwork

The current exhibition at the “Śródmieście” Community Center in Białystok is a series of paintings made in ink and acrylic technique.

– I treat each work as a separate universe constituting a form of my externalisation of surprise, indignation and reflection on the surrounding reality. On the other hand, among the selected works there are some in which I enter into a dialogue with the history of armed conflicts or the history of art, posing a question about the role of the artist in the contemporary world – as a researcher, observer, critic and subject of expression, Karol Więch concludes.

The Losses of the title are a metaphor for inadequacy, a damage, a blank that needs filling. Not only the creator himself, but above all the viewer of these works, should assume the role of the one who fills in.

On September 30, as part of the “Seniors’ weekend with culture” event, it will be possible to visit the exhibition “Losses” by Karol Więch from 10:00-16:00 at the “Śródmieście” Community Center in Białystok (13 Jan Kiliński street, second floor). The meeting and author guided tour will take place from 12:00-15:00. Free admission.