Women’s Day with Cabaret Lumbago

Community Center “Śródmieście” in Białystok invites you to the performance “With a song through Podlasie” performed by the Lumbago Cabaret under the direction of Adam Zieleniecki. The event will take place on March 8, 2023.

The cabaret has existed since 2007 and is made up of seniors. The repertoire of the cabaret includes sketches, songs, epigrams and monologues. Cabaret Lumbago takes part in cabaret reviews, including: SENIORADA Review of Artistic Achievements of Seniors in Białystok and Mazowiecki Review of Artistic Creativity of Seniors “Węgrowskie Colors of Autumn”, in which it won the 1st place in the category of Stage Presentations in 2011, 2012 and 2016, distinction in the Stage Presentations category in 2014, 2nd place in the Stage Presentations category in 2008 and 2010 and 3rd place in the Bialystok Cabaret Desert 2006/2007.

About Podlasie customs for fun

The cabaret shows in a humorous way the traditions and customs prevailing in the cities and towns of Podlasie. During the musical trip, seniors stop, among others, at in Białystok, Supraśl, Łomża and Augustów.

With live music in the background

“With a song through Podlasie” are not only satirical lyrics. The event will be accompanied by the sounds of accordion and violin played by “live” performers. We will also hear songs referring to the traditions, charms and monuments of the region visited by the heroes.

March evening

The event will take place on March 8 (Wednesday) at 18:00 at the “Śródmieście” Community Center in Białystok (ul. Jana Kilińskiego 13, second floor). Free entrance!