We were founded 30 years ago, but our history is much longer, as it began in 1958. At our address there was a Cooperative House of Culture, which for over 30 years carried out cultural activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of our city. In the early 1990s, the City Council was persuaded to establish the “Śródmieście” Community Centre. The history of the building dates back to the end of the 19th century. The first tenants were lawyers, merchants, doctors – there was also a cafe here. The tenement house housed many small service establishments, shops, and a kindergarten. More than 100 years have passed, and the building is still vibrant with cultural and educational life. We invite you to our headquarters – a unique place with an interesting history. We are in the center of Białystok. Through our southern windows we have a unique, unparalleled in other places, view of the courtyard of the Branicki Palace. Already the third generation of Białystok residents comes to 13 Kilińskiego Street for various types of activities and cultural events. We encourage you to visit us and take advantage of our cultural offer.

The “Śródmieście” Community Center, was established by the Resolution of the City Council in Białystok on February 4, 1991, it is a self-government cultural institution. The “Śródmieście” Community Center is a center of artistic education and carries out tasks in the field of upbringing, cultural education, dissemination of culture among children, youth and adults.