Exhibition of paintings of the “Bonds” of the Mistral Artistic Group

Obrazek wyrózniający wystawa „Więzi” Grupy Artystycznej Mistral

The vernissage of the “Bonds” exhibition of the Mistral group operating at the “Śródmieście” Community Center in Bialystok will take place on May 9, 2023.

Multiplication of forms, nature and abstraction 

All the presented works were created over the past year in the “Śródmieście” Art Culture Center. These are paintings on canvas in oil or acrylic technique. Some of the implementation were made on self -prepared canvases, following the masters of painting technology. The exhibition is enriched with small painting forms, copies of Masters’ works and interpretations of a photography landscape. All works express the author’s individual and original approach to the issue raised and are an expression of his individual expression. 

– There are general references to nature as a phenomenon. The symbolism of the object, such as a tree or window, multiplication of forms was used, and there is also a loose reference to abstract painting in the form of density of geometric figures. The concept of the exhibition has been designed to enable every participant the freedom of creative action and a wide spectrum of artistic expression, for example in realistic or geometric painting – says Marta Pokojowczyk instructor of the Mistral Artistic Group. 

To Illustrate the „Bonds 

According to the definition of “bonds” – it means the state of having something in common, what connects the units among themselves. It is also a word that can express a kind of attitude to life and phenomena that are its components. It seems that the topic of finding common points currently requires special attention. 

– Illustrating the bonds or relationships, you can imagine, for example, horizontal lines connecting individual points on the map of life, like countries in the atlas or lines running deep into, illustrating the quality of attitude towards given appearance, phenomena. The multifaceted interpretation of the topic by participants is the fruit of the diversity of perception of the surrounding reality, as well as creative cooperation, whose sources can be seen in the energy of the group – sums up Marta Pokojowczyk. 

Exhibition vernissage 

The vernissage of the painting exhibition of the “Bonds” of the Mistral Artistic Group will take place on May 9, 2023 (Tuesday) at 18:00 at the “Śródmieście” Community Center in Białystok (13 Jan Kiliński Street, 2nd floor) as part of the Municipal Art Salon. The authors of the presented works are: Alina Jakoniuk, Anna Bek, Beata Staniszewska, Dorota Kukiełka, Ewa Orłowska, Ewa Pawlik, Julia Zakrzewska, Justyna Łapińska-Druć, Katarzyna Strynkowska, Krystyna Witczak, Małgorzata Machomet, Marta Łubińska, Marta Mironiuk, Mirosława Łukrza, Swałana Gonczarowa, Teresa Trusiak, Zofia Seliga. 

Free entrance. The exhibition will be opened until May 25, 2023. 

mockup plakatu wystawy malarstwa więzi grupy artystycznej mistral